Quality_Wire_Harness.jpgTACK Electronics maintains ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS and is committed to producing high-quality products to meet customer specifications.

We are a UL listed manufacturer of wiring harnesses and supplier of repackaged recognized components.  We strive to keep sufficient stock of our customer’s UL listed common components in our inventory to meet their requirements in a timely manner.

UL File Numbers: E251263 (ZPFW2) and E337332 (TEOU2)

TACK Electronics seamlessly integrates an in-process inspection standard for all assemblies. This process includes multiple checkpoints throughout the manufacturing life cycle of the product which allows us to identify potential problems and find solutions prior to leaving our facility. Each process point can be traced back to the individual and tooling used.

Part of the process for each assembly is administering a continuity test of all assemblies via one of the dozens of Cirris electrical cable and wiring harness testing equipment.  http://www.cirris.com/ 

Additionally, prior to shipping each order receives a final overall inspection by our end of the line quality control department, where various quality checkpoints are evaluated and recorded by hand to ensure they meet the customer specifications. 

Our people strive for customer success, and the top benchmark of their performance is just that.  Our customers should feel as though they are interacting with members of their own team when dealing with our staff, as we at TACK Electronics understand our goals and our customers’ goals are aligned.

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