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How long have you been in business?

TACK Electronics began operations in June 1996 and has grown each year in operation.

What industries do you serve?

We continue to supply OEM market leaders in the entertainment, gaming, display and automation, communications, LED lighting, and after-market automotive fields with cable and sub-assemblies with an emphasis on quick turn-around times and quality. We have also expanded our expertise to include medical, industrial, military style and automotive products

What are your capabilities?

  • TACK is equipped with several automatic and semi-automatic wire processing machines in addition to several splice machines that help reduce production costs to customers.
  • We have tooling to process different types of 10-30 AWG wire.
  • We are also tooled for AMP/TE, Molex, Delphi, Deutsch, Amphenol, Panduit, JST, among many others.
  • We commonly incorporate CAT5, USB, Computer, Communications and Telephone multi-conductor wire, Coax, Ribbon, and Power cables in our assemblies.
  • We stock several types of tubing, including heat shrinkable tubing, split loom, expandable sleeving, and PVC.
  • TACK ensures 100% continuity testing of all assemblies.

Where are you located?

TACK is conveniently located near the Grand Rapids, MI International Airport with over 20,000 sq. feet of production and warehouse space.

What sets TACK apart?

  • TACK has 35+ West Michigan employees who possess an average of over 5 years of electronics and wire harness experience.
  • TACK maintains a sophisticated ERP which provides updated and accurate information across different functions and departments which helps us to efficiently and effectively manage our business.
  • TACK is committed to Continuous process improvements to drive efficiency and add value in every function of the organization.
  • Responsiveness – We are a versatile company that is flexible to meet demanding deadlines, stock products, and anticipate needs based on customer forecasts
  • Partnering and growing with customers – We have the ability to integrate seamlessly into your supply chains.
  • Our experts can help with design and make recommendations to help you achieve the right product.
  • TACK has the ability to work with your engineers who may only have a rough draft on a napkin to help create a workable print.
  • TACK can seamlessly fill small to large orders with short lead times. This has become increasingly important as a number of companies pursue cost savings by sourcing overseas suppliers who have large order requirements and long lead times. We are able to meet these needs while being cost competitive and not sacrificing on quality.

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TACK Electronics, Inc.

5030 Kraft Ave. SE, Suite A
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Phone: 616.698.0960 
Toll Free: 877.740.5029
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